There is only one powerful word on this Planet that God made; can you guess what it is? L.O.V.E yes love. It has only one syllable and four letters. Can you believe that such a small word, has the most impeccable effect on people, especially when you tell someone who you care about the most. Throughout the world, there are millions and millions of different tropical flowers, but there is only one flower people associate with love, the one flower people buy on Valentine’s Day. A red rose. It is quite a good comparison, love can be prickly at times, and people have to watch where they pick up roses because of their thorns on the stem which compares to the bad times in a relationship. Yet the luscious red petals shaped the way they are show the beautiful times in a relationship, you know, the first kiss, seeing her blush from your touch. The petals are as soft as silk to touch, so they remind you of your loved ones skin, how soft her cheek is. The leaves of the rose are just the foundations of the relationship, the steps the two people have made to get to where they are, to the love they share. That radiant red makes your eye find the rose, even if it was amongst a sea of other flowers, the radiance is too extraordinary for the human eye to miss – like when you see your other half for the first time whether in a crowd of people or in a quiet café. Roses signify love because they show it so well. Just remember, if you ever hear those 8 letters, 3 syllables oh and 3 words once in your life, then God has given you the gift to love, and that has to be more powerful than King Arthur revealing Excalibur from the stone where it was stuck, or from the fear King Henry the Eighth had over people that didn’t want their heads to be de-capitated from their bodies. I love you.



12 thoughts on “Roses

  1. chunkee2na says:

    I believe the word love, especially in the English language has lost much of its meaning. People say “I love you” all the time. How can you separate true love from ‘common’ love?

    • emilyogden says:

      love is everywhere, do you know how lizards make love? the male lizard gives the female lizard a flower. so much more romantic than what we do. yes, it has become common now but i still feel when people say “i love you” they mean it, even if it is just only a little bit.

  2. emilyogden says:

    hahaha, if you want to assume that. i actually hate all the mushy romantic rubbish in films 😛

  3. chunkee2na says:

    Oh yeah? So what’s the perfect balance? >.O

  4. emilyogden says:

    it differs with each guy really, depends on their personality. NO CHEESY LINES!

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