Elegantly the tall purple tulip stands, at first, the petals are formed in a teardrop shape as if to say someone has been crying when they thought to pick these tulips up, but of course that person could not have been crying of sadness. Tulips could never bring sadness but only joy and happiness, the tulip forms a tear of joy a symbol that any human would form from either gazing upon the tulip or picking one up, especially the perfect purple tulips. A purple teardrop of joy, how special is that? Any teardrop that is a different colour other than the dull transparency of the human teardrop has to be unique, just like this purple tulip. The sun admires the tulips; why else would she let them endure her precious sunlight? But this precious beam of warmth, colour allows the tulip to open up to everyone that sees it. One by one each petal moves further out, once they have all given into the suns magical beam, it is almost as if the petals’ outline makes a star shape, it would be quite fitting to their role. A shimmering star planted into the moist, soft soil, amongst the thin gracious green grass; there they stand the utterly speechless tulips, a miracle created by God. A miracle in the Garden of Eden.



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