University fee’s

Perfect, I know this is quite late, Nick Clegg raised the fee’s a few months ago but I still feel that its a bad idea. Just raising the fee’s will put people off going to Uni, and Clegg said that if he came to power that he wouldn’t raise them! Can you believe that? I wont be going to Uni for another 2 years but it puts pressure on people my age to make sure it is really what they want, I also have no idea on what I want to do but I know that I want to go to University. However, I am going to have to start saving now like other people my age. I want to do a gap year as well, but I am thinking of doing that once I have finished Sixth Form, when I’m eighteen. Thats another thing I am saving for. I dont know what people from a bad background are going to do if they want to go to Uni because it will be very difficult for them if they dont have enough to pay for it! I wonder whether Clegg thought about that when he gave the go-ahead to raise them. I know that the Government is try to do their best, trying to defeat the Recession but raising the fee’s will make young people not want to get a better education because it is too expensive.


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