Not written anything for months

Earth is just like a little crumb on a dining room table-cloth, the cloth is spread out across the long square pine table just like the galaxy. We see parts of this galaxy every night when we look up into the dark blue sky, we see the mesmerising moon, and if your lucky enough to live in the countryside then you have the pleasure to see quite a lot of sparkling dots spread across that dark blue sky that we know as stars.
Just the word star is special. I don’t know much about them sadly but I would love to learn. I would love to see the mysteries that the galaxy above our world holds. Astronauts I think are some of the luckiest people alive, they have the chance to go up into space and see what others can only imagine. I bet it’s terrifying though, they must be courageous. I have to admit, astronauts do look very intimidating in their suits, you wouldn’t like to pick a fight with one of them!
I admire the people who take their time to figure out all the star constellations and what the main stars are called. If you are a person who has done this sometime in your life, then you should be proud that you have taught yourself something very magical indeed, I envy you but most importantly I ADMIRE YOU! I am going to start trying to learn the constellations but it is hard when you live near a city. You barely get to see stars out at night, it’s like they have a time limit and need to be back home to their parents before 10.
I have had the privilege to see a shooting star this summer, it was beautiful. I don’t know the right words to describe it.
Stars, Planets, Sun & Moon. I think sometimes we forget that there are other things out there other than us. Its a shame the naked eye cannot see the planets, but I guess it’s a good thing as well, it will keep everything a spectacular surprise for when we do find out what stars, planets, sun & moon are like up close


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