Les Brown

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”


12 thoughts on “Les Brown

  1. chunkee2na says:

    Hey, how’s it going? How goes the learning of constellation reading? Glad you’re updating more often!

    • emilyogden says:

      Haha it’s going good thankyou, how’re you? Yeah I’ve had exams and I’ve been busy since I started the blog. I’m trying the constellations but it’s so damn hard! Especially when I can’t see many stars

  2. chunkee2na says:

    I’m good…tired of studying though. What do you do? You may want to consider getting a telescope! As you said, it’s really hard seeing stars in the city.

  3. emilyogden says:

    i’m in school, i get my exam results tomorrow :L so scared! i’m just about to start Sixth Form, how about you? I’m thinking about a telescope haha.

  4. chunkee2na says:

    That’s the equivalent of Grade 12, right? You’ll do good! I’m well into university, two actually. Doing Financial Management in one, Accounting in the other (both such a bore). Get one! It’ll do you wonders!

  5. emilyogden says:

    Yeah thats Year 12, you must be brainy if your doing that haha. I couldn’t be able to deal with that, I find Maths very dull. I will thankyou!

  6. chunkee2na says:

    2 years?! How come? I used to, last year. Was a waiter, then a sales assistant at a game store. Right now, I do freelance work, mainly computer repair, that sorta stuff. I’d love to write professionally though.

    • emilyogden says:

      I have 2 years in Sixth Form and then University 😛 I would love to write but I’m no where near as good as I need to be to write professionally. So you are brainy 😛 I’m not the best with computers I would never be able to repair them!

      • chunkee2na says:

        2 years? Yowza! About the writing: practice makes perfect! And everything is easy if you’re really interested in it! I’ve gotta go to bed, almost midnight and I have to run several errands in the morning. Nice chatting to you! Good night and once again good luck tomorrow!

  7. emilyogden says:

    Good night, thankyou! 🙂

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