More descriptive writing…<3

Colour is a miracle, without colour the world would be dull. There are three words that I think bring out fireworks and a whole range of colour: “I love you”. But what is love?  Is it the redness of the rose petals he spreads across the dining room table on Valentines Day? Is it the way he sleeps with his mouth slightly open? Or is it just how he acts when you talk about another man? Does he hate it as much as me when we fight? I don’t think so, he seems to love hurting me, breaking me.
If those three words, 8 letters are never said in your life then there is no colour, none of your own personal fireworks. You wouldn’t be able to see the beautiful rainbows after a sunny/rainy day. But even when that love never changes but you are both too far apart, you mention the word “friends” he flips out. Says things that he has kept bottled up and you find yourself broken. The petals of that luxurious red rose seem to rinkle up, the redness seems to go black and the thorns of the relationship take over. That luxurious red rose from Valentines Day is now a Black rose bringing up the Man. The man who broke me.


2 thoughts on “More descriptive writing…<3

  1. chunkee2na says:

    As an amateur writer…I have to agree with what you say about colour. Colour brings everything to life, even if it is of a dull tone. Colour is an important part of our imagination. Colour puts a smile on everyone’s face. However…I’ve always wondered what if black and white represented other things entirely…

    • emilyogden says:

      In some aspects, I find the colours black and white beautiful, for example, in old black and White polaroid pictures I’ve found that those pictures are some of my favourites even if the mega-pixels aren’t very good it’s a shame they have gone out of fashion. But in some other places I find them boring and dull, for example, in weather situations like on a grey overcast day that makes everything look like black and white. Also in the film The Wizard of Oz, the film directors start the film in Kansas where it is black and white but when Dorothy is in Oz it is the most colourful place I have ever seen in a film. Colours are everywhere, people sometimes take them for granted. Which is a big shame really. Thank you for agreeing with me

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